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It’s currently cloudy and raining outside but the app says sunny


Forecast snow for two days while it was sunny and 7 above. I reported the weather and help desk told me to refresh the app. This evening it says it’s raining, I’m watching the sunset through light cloud cover, no rain. Deleting.

Pop up adds.

I love the looks of this app and how everything is all laid out but what I cannot stand is all the pop up adds. I don’t want to be hassled every time I open this app constantly being asked if I want to get this app or that app, no I don’t want the other apps but thank you for asking. It’s just annoying to have multiple pop ups when I’m just trying to look at the weather. If it wasn’t for that then I would definitely give this 5 stars!

Weather is relevant

Love this app. Never listen to TV predictions. They are mostly wrong. Wanna know? Look out the window or use this app.


we just went under a tornado alert, but the app said the driving conditions were good. Sirens went off for the area as well, this part of the app was way off. maybe i am only one of a few, but I do not care what the feel like temp is. And the display picture showed blue sky with mixed clouds (no blue sky here only hard rain and gray to black clouds). i want to know what the actual temperature is, save the feels like for the wind chill factor. your temp for the area was way off and never corrected it’s self. I really like your heads up display and the map where i can actually see how the storm moves. You can increase the access to more current conditions but you have to change some of the settings, but temp and road conditions were still inaccurate. As was the picture display. This was kind of different because most apps list current conditions up front. This is a good app but could use some adjusting (??).

Y’all ruined this app

The app was fine as it was , seems like a bunch of ads scattered haphazardly through the same site. Actually, paid once for this app as an upgrade. You must have voided our agreement. There was no mention of a fee at all . Other than the initial $4.99 or whatever it was . The features offered by paying a fee is nothing new but needed upgrades. Bummer


Best way to check the weather

Which is it?

The hourly forecast shows a low of 66 at 7am, the daily forecast shows a low of 38 overnight. Useless

Not happy

Not many options for hourly besides a few hrs ahead

Quit pushing additional developers apps

It’s nice to be able to report on the current conditions. But the annoying pushing of additional apps to purchase is not needed.

Pop-up ads drove me to delete app

I agree with a previous reviewer that the app’s quality content is overshadowed by having to dismiss constant pop-up ads. The most recent one urging me to install ringtones for my phone was the last straw. Try working with advertisers of quality content that people enjoy instead of ones that come across as spammy junk.

Busy Mom

Great !! Lots of info in one place !!

Inaccurate alerts and irrelevant ads.

Inaccurate alerts and irrelevant ads.

Good app!

Great info, but agree with others about annoying ads.

Weather App

It’s asking for a review and I have not had the application long enough to give an honest review but I do see that it’s exactly what the television weather person has said so far.

Boo! Hiss!

Not a fan of this app. The pop-ups are irritating and the info seems to change frequently and is way behind other weather apps in our same vicinity.

Clean and spiffy!

Very nice to use. Good clarity in design. BUT- one suggestion. I loved the cyclic graphical daily and weekly temperature variation indication that WeatherWunderWorld has. I don’t use them as it became very clumsy and miserable to use.

The best

I love this app

Great app /Bad Billing

Unsure why this is happening but although the app itself is great with all the features. But this app has charged my Apple account 3x per month for the last 3 months. Now I have to file disputes for the charges. I hope the developers resolve this issue sometime soon!


Very Accurate

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