Weather Live - Local Forecast App Reviews

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Great app

I like how it’s always info ready and simple

I like the weather info, Horrible ads

I enjoyed the look and feel of the weather information but the annoying pop up adds that would open my safari and crash my phone were frustrating. I use plenty of free apps that have ads not nearly as annoying and invasive as these ones, I had to delete this app because I can access vital weather information from other providers and eliminate the frustrations.

Great Visuals!

Then: Love this app! Easy to read & very accurate. Now: Editing this app from 3 years ago where I gave it 5 stars--wish it could have been 10! This is my "go-to" weather app because of its thoroughness yet simplicity. I can scroll down if I want more detail for a day but I mostly use the first page for a synopsis of whats coming. Like the pop ups, too, letting me know how much warmer/colder today is compared with yesterday. Keep up good work, App people! We love this!

Wish we could get weather eye back

Weather eye was better,but you cancelled it.




har esta

Its good

Other than all the ads its good.




this software has great interface excellent graphics shows the whole weather with hours indication. Should apple put it in every system. Great app ??

Nice app

I like this app it’s just so real looking!!!!


This morning the app was ogf 21 degrees. No idea where it gets its data but it is generally seriously in error. Almost useless?

Love it

I love this app. Its really detail. Fit with me

Solid app

The weather and associated information is a wonderful help, especially when traveling. Highly recommended


Really like it, My only just like is way too many pop-ups for games, etc.


This is an excellent app and you can pick anywhere in the world. Perfect when planning a trip you can see the temp for a week in advance and what time it is there.

Its cool



So far it seems to be ok. We will see how the app performs over the next couple of months.

Perfect app

I have just gotten an iPad have one already this app is perfect. It has never been wrong even when I’m traveling to another city


Still getting used to the app, trying to figure out how to empty the notifications

Weather app

Great app. Keeps me always updated.

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