Weather Live - Local Forecast App Reviews

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Terrible app.

Not accurate at all. Was -13 and said -20 in Calgary Alberta Canada. Also if you’re not paying attention when you first open the app, it hooks you and you’ve signed up for the premium weekly payment option. Not cool. Deleted within 5 minutes.

ROC Enterprises

Excellent app. I travel North America extensively and always check weather conditions along my route.

Not free

You get a 3-day trial then have to pay $2/month. No thanks. Why anyone would pay for a weather app is beyond me.

Simply : Love it

Love the app! Its a pretty well designed app and does the job for me! I cant do without the adds but hey thats a small complaint ?


Very nice but I thought you could buy the app and now I see it charges a monthly fee. NO WAY! EH!

Pop ads

Pop up ads make this app very difficult to use, always an ad before screen change. Also it’s very expensive to buy premium, $1.99 a WEEK for real.

Still looking for water temp!

Seems like a pretty good app.... 2.00/week is a little expensive for a weather app thought! Living on the coast I’m still looking for an app that has the water temperature on it. Weather Channel use to have it but did an update about a year ago that removed it for some reason. Water temp is very important to people who reside along the coast, not only for weather indications but also for fishing! The temperature of the water gives a good indication of where to find certain types of marine life. For example; scrimp tend to leave waters that are below 60-65 degrees. Oh well, still looking!

Premium is a joke

I up graded I get requested to upgrade every time I open. The temperature has been off by 10* for the better part of the afternoon. Upgrade was to eliminate adds still there popping up and in between weather statistics. I’m not happy at all.

Sweet Graphics

I like the app At a glance I have the temperature on my screen next to the app icon The graphics are pretty cool and the notification sound is nice too however scared the heck out of me when I had my headphones on Good for free. Could do with out the ads




What I like, aside from the spot on reports, are the sometimes extra notes, like today’s thunderstorms followed by stay safe! Kudos

Excellent Weather App

Beautiful app & easy way to get everything about your area weather. Sorry for my English is not good enough.


I just got an automatic renewal charge of $5.58. This was after I deleted the app.


Havent been using this app long but do notice a lot of ad pop ups! Not sure how long I will keep using it.

DO NOT waste your time

This app is a joke. Not only does it have annoying pop ups, but it has notification icons that won’t go away unless you have the “pro” version. News flash- no one likes to buy apps. Especially when there are equivalent weather apps that are 100% better. AND that app is totally wrong weather wise. I checked 3 times this morning what the weather was. It was POURING down rain this morning, however the app said it was just overcast lol. Ummm what??? Waste of time and iPhone space

Weather live is a really good app that tells you the correct weather your looking for.You should get it it is a great app.

Too many adds.

Too many adds. I downloaded it because the advertisement looked beautiful. It’s just not enjoyable at all though, because of the numerous interruptions on the screen.

The intrusive ads kill this app

Like the graphics and weather info but couldn’t live with the constant intrusive ads. The high and low temp data were off by up to 15 degrees during one week.

Rip Off - Annoyance Software

This app was once great, now it tries to scam you into a SUBSCRIPTION at a crappy price. Do not encourage these scummy predatory practices!

Trial period with hidden cancel option?!

If there’s a way to cancel after you’ve tried it and don’t like it, they’ve hidden it. Off to Apple to file a complaint. Why I don’t want it: The fonts are too small hard to read, they don’t balance aesthetics with functionality very well. Maybe if you have younger eyes...

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